Accepted Papers

Data Analysis, Graphs & Complex Data


44 Anton Eremeev, Alexander Kelmanov and Artem Pyatkin - On Complexity of Searching a Subset of Vectors with Shortest Average under a Cardinality Restriction

132 Valentina Kuskova, Danilova Daria and Rustam Kamalov - Organizational networks revisited: relational predictors оf оrgаnizаtiоnаl сitizеnship bеhаviоr

101 Fedor Krasnov, Rostislav Yavorskiy and Sofia Dokuka - The structure of organization: the coauthorship network case

47 Alexander Kazakov, Anna Lempert and Huy Liem Nguyen - The Problem of The Optimal Packing of The Equal Radius Circles for Non-Euclidean Metric

35 Dmitry Borisovich Berg, Rustam Haybullovich Davletbaev, Yulia Yurievna Nazarova and Olga Mickhailovna Zvereva - The Detailed Structure of the Local Entrepreneurial Network: Experimental Economics Study

33 Aleksei Zhukov, Denis Sidorov, Aoife Foley and Adele Marshall - Random Forest Based Approach for Concept-Drift Handling

17 Sofia Dokuka, Diliara Valeeva and Maria Yudkevich - Homophily evolution in online networks: who is a good friend and when?


38 Sergey Nikolenko - ARTM vs. LDA: an SVD Extension Case Study

55 Alexey Artemov and Evgeny Burnaev - Detecting Performance Degradation of Software-Intensive Systems in the Presence of Trends and Long-Range Dependence

67 Yury Kashnitsky - Lazy Learning of Succinct Classification Rules for Complex Structure Data

39 Mikhail Semenov, Elena Koroleva, Dilmurat Tursunov and Lev Bulygin - A Project Teams Creation based on Communities Detection

4 Kirill Kuptsov, Sergey Eremeev and Dmitry Andrianov - Checking the Topological Consistency of Maps of Different Scales

125 Anastasiia Nesterenko - Extracting Functional Job Roles from Professional Social Networking Site Profiles

130 Alexei Ignatov - The Structure of an Investment Portfolio in Two-step Problem of Optimal Investment with One Risky Asset Via the Probability Criterion

27 Alina Kadyrova and Konstantin Fursov - Evolution of advanced technology studies: a search for communication core

71 Alexander Sirotkin, Ilya Musabirov, Paul Okopny, Denis Bulygin and Vladimir Ivanov - Topic Modeling for Answers Detection in Online Game Chats

131 Ilya Makarov and Pavel Polyakov - Smoothing Voronoi-based Path with Minimized Length and Visibility Using Composite Bezier Curves

16 Olga M. Zvereva and Dmitry B. Berg - Triad Census Usage for Communication Network Analysis

34 Nataly Zhukova and Alexander Vodyaho - Conceptual Model for Routine Measurements Analyses in Semantic Web Applications

86 Benjamin Lind, B. Remy Cross and Georgy Mkrtchyan - Organizations, State Interactions, and Field Stability: A Network Analysis of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Movements

8 Alexey Zraenko - The task of compiling the project execution plan in the multi-agent model

36 Anton Malenichev, Olga Krasotkina, Vadim Mottl and Oleg Seredin - Multi-class Learning in Big Data

54 Anton Agafonov and Vladislav Myasnikov - Structural Optimization of the Travel Time Prediction Model Based on Hierarchical Regression

81 Ekaterina Krasnova, Elena Bulgakova and Vadim Shshemelinin - Performance Evaluation of Acoustic-Spectrographic Voice Identification Method in Native and Non-native Speech

Natural Language Processing


136 Alexander Panchenko, Dmitry Ustalov, Nikolay Arefyev, Denis Paperno, Natalia Konstantinova, Natalia Loukachevitch and Chris Biemann - Human and Machine Judgements about Russian Semantic Relatedness

45 Oleksandr Frei and Murat Apishev - Parallel Non-blocking Deterministic Algorithm for Online Topic Modeling

91 Galina Lavrentyeva, Sergey Novoselov and Konstantin Simonchik - Anti-spoofing Methods for Automatic Speaker Verification System

124 Elizaveta Kuzmenko, Svetlana Toldova, Elmira Mustakimova, Alexandra Blazhievskaya and Timofey Arkhangelskiy - Morphological Analysis for Russian: Integration and Comparison of Taggers

134 Andrey Kutuzov and Elizaveta Kuzmenko - WebVectors: Toolkit for Building Web Interfaces for Vector Semantic Models

41 Arseniy Ashuha and Natalia Loukachevitch - Bigram Anchor Words Topic Model

15 Polina Panicheva, Ekaterina Protopopova, Grigoriy Bukia and Olga Mitrofanova - Evaluating Distributional Language Models with Russian Noun-Adjective Compositions

29 Andrew Smirnov and Valentin Mendelev - Applying Word Embeddings to Leverage Knowledge Available in One Language in Order to Solve a Practical Text Classification Problem In Another Language

25 Sergey Nikolenko and Anton Alekseev - User Profiling in Text-Based Recommender Systems Based on Distributed Word Representations

37 Sergey Nikolenko and Elena Tutubalina - Constructing Aspect-Based Sentiment Lexicons with Topic Modeling

19 Olga Khomitsevich, Kirill Boyarsky, Eugeny Kanevsky, Anna Bulusheva and Valentin Mendelev - Flexible Context Extraction for Keywords in Russian Automatic Speech Recognition Results

82 Valeriia Mozharova and Natalia Loukachevitch - Combining Knowledge and CRF-based Approach to Named Entity Recognition in Russian


94 Marina Danshina, Andrey Philippovich and Irina Golubeva - The methodology of automated decryption of znamenny chants

140 Edward Klyshinsky, Petr Ermakov, Natalia Lukashevich and Olesya Karpik - The Corpus of Syntactic Co-occurences: the First Glance


21 George Moiseev - Classification of E-commerce Websites by Product Categories

46 Andrei Shcherbakov - A Branching Alignment Based Synthesis of Regular Expressions

93 Konstantin Simonchik, Sergey Novoselov and Galina Lavrentyeva - Comparative Analysis of Classifiers for Automatic Language Recognition in Spontaneous Speech

142 Nikolay Karpov, Eduard Babkin and Alexander Demidovskij - Evolvable Semantic Platform for Facilitating Knowledge Exchange

13 Elena Bruches, Dmitrii Karpenko and Varvara Krayvanova - The Hybrid Approach to Part-of-Speech Disambiguation

Analysis of Images and Video


133 Aleksandr Vokhmintsev and Konstantin Yakovlev - A Real-time Algorithm for Mobile Robot Mapping Based on Rotation-invariant Descriptors and ICP

137 Alexander Karkishchenko and Valeriy Mnukhin - Threefold Symmetry Detection in Hexagonal Images Based on Finite Eisenstein Fields

11 Inessa Gracheva and Andrey Kopylov - Image Processing Algorithms with Structure Transferring Properties on the Basis of Gamma-normal Model

80 Vladimir Milov and Andrey Savchenko - Classification of Dangerous Situations for Small Sample Size Problem in Maintenance Decision Support Systems

7 Anna Denisova - Two Realizations of Probability Anomaly Detector with Different Vector Quantization Algorithms

49 Olesia Kushnir, Sofia Fedotova, Oleg Seredin and Alexander Karkishchenko - Reflection Symmetry of Shapes Based on Skeleton Primitive Chains

113 Valeri Labunets, Ivan Artemov and Ekaterina Ostheimer - The color excitable Schrodinger metamedium

3 Artem Baklanov, Steffen Fritz, Michael Khachay, Oleg Nurmukhametov, Carl Salk, Linda See and Dmitry Shchepashchenko - Votes Aggregation Techniques in Geo-Wiki Crowdsourcing Game: a Case Study

31 Artyom Makovetskii, Sergei Voronin and Vitaly Kober - An Efficient Algorithm for Total Variation Denoising

123 Ekaterina Ostheimer, Valeri Labunets and Ivan Artemov - Ortho–unitary transforms, wavelets and splines

20 Andrey Kuznetsov and Vladislav Myasnikov - Using Efficient Linear Local Features in the Copy-move Forgery Detection Task


111 Valeri Labunets, Denis Komarov and Ekaterina Ostheimer - Fast multiparametric wavelet transforms and packets for image processing

14 Alexey Mikhaylichenko, Yana Demyanenko and Elena Grushko - Automatic Segmentation and Detection of Joints in X-Ray Images

43 Thu Huong Nguyen, Aleksei Zhukov and The Long Nguyen - On Road Defects Detection and Classification

89 Artem Kruglov and Yurii Chiryshev - Detection and Tracking of the Objects in Real Time Applied to the Problem of the Log Volume Estimation

28 Vladimir Surin and Alexander Tyrsin - Research of properties of digital noise in contrast images

32 Fedor Alekseev, Mikhail Alekseev and Artyom Makovetskiy - The linear variation and the optimized algorithm of connected-component labeling in a binary image

97 Andrey Philippovich and Maxim Boynov - The Use Convolutional Neural Networks for Recognition of Semiographic Chants

1 Dmitry Stepanov, V.V. Mizgulin, V.V. Kosulnikov, R.M. Kadushnikov, E.D. Fedorov and O.A. Buntseva - Detector of interest point from region of interest on NBI endoscopy images

6 Alexey Ruchay - An Elective Multibiometric Authentication

22 Oxana Logunova, Ivan Posokhov, Anatoliy Mikov, Elena Ilyina E.A., Natalya Dyorina and Anatoliy Belyavskiy - THE RESULTS OF SULFUR PRINT IMAGE CLASSIFICATION OF SECTION TEMPLATES

52 Aleksey Sergeevich Makarov and Marina Vladimirovna Bolsunovskaya - The 360° Around View System for Large Vehicles, the Methods of Calibration and Removal of Barrel Distortion for Omnidirectional Cameras

109 Dmitrii Tihonkih, Artyom Makovetskii and Vladislav Kuznetsov - The Iterative Closest Points Algorithm and Affine Transformations

112 Valeri Labunets, Ivan Artemov and Ekaterina Ostheimer - The bichromatic excitable Schrodinger metamedium

128 Anton Korsakov, Ivan Fomin, Dmitry Gromoshinsky, Aleksandr Bakhshiev, Dmitry Stepanov and Ekaterina Smirnova - Determination of an unmanned mobile object orientation by natural landmarks

26 Andrey Mukhtarov, Sergey Porshnev, Vasiliy Zuzin, Anastasia Bobkova and Vladimir Bobkov - The Study of Applicability of the Decision Tree Method for Contouring of the Left Ventricle Area in Echographic Video Data

62 Alexander Mikov, Elena Zamyatina and Daria Germanova - Program Tools for Dynamic Investigation of Social Networks

105 Aleksandr Melnikov, Oleg Kudashev, Sergey Novoselov and Eugene Luckyanets - Bimodal Anti-Spoofing System for Mobile Security